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Author Topic: powder puff  (Read 17094 times)
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« Reply #45 on: November 12, 2007, 06:49:23 pm »


Just wanted to give my opinion for what it's worth (not much) ...

I don't think the issue is the drivers I think it is the outlaw stock car was allowed when you made a point of asking them (the girls) what they wanted & agreeing to PS only then (SOMEONE) changing it for one person & not everyone....

I have driven in powder puffs before & was hoping to do so that nite but thanks to my hubby  ;)was unable to ..
but if I had known other cars were allowed besides pure stock I would have found one to drive such as an outlaw or limited for that matter but I did go by the post that said pure stock only. The drivers experience or not did not matter as I joked with Joyce before race about running with her and I knew Eva Kelley was supposed to run also and she was points champion in Silsbee but we have not been able to run since having our sons... I agree I would rather be (behind) someone I could trust not to wreck me then someone afraid or unable to handle the car. I do think it was OK that Tiffany ran but others should have had the option to run other cars and she should not have received 2nd the other girls should have if she was just out there to play . Even though we all agree it was in name & FUN only... It is the prinicipal..

 I don't think u can demand someone start in Pure stock and go thru ranks one by one to move up it should be whatever they want to race & feel comfortable with. But it use to be only upward moves in the same nite. If u want to pay the money & have the cars avaialbe u should be able to drive a different class every week or two in the same nite as long as they are upward moves. It would be like putting JohnO in a Pure Stock for a big race after he wins the modified

I will be there for any play days after we get car fixed so I can practice for another time and hopefully learn to drive better like you .... lolol Just let me know what to bring & I'll help anyway I can.

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