Golden Triangle Speedway
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« on: August 07, 2012, 06:13:20 pm »

1. We have a "NO ALCOHOL" policy.  I have had numerous complaints from Thursday Night and Saturday Night.  
    This is and will continue to be a "FAMILY"  environment... with KIDS   being the main focus... There will be people watching for the open
    containers "hid" at the fences.  Please respect our rules, and your fellow racers.  If you  must drink, It should be AFTER the last feature.  If this Policy can not be respected... there will be

2.  Flagstand and Tech Area  OFF LIMITS to everyone except Kart Track Personal.  Everything is still  in  temporary stages. We do not need anyone
     at the Flagstand trying to discuss the lineup. If you would like to volunteer and help count laps, that would be different. Give the girls a chance
     they are doing a great job.

3.  Tech Area.  During races we need only the driver and  kart gong across  scales. During tech procedures, kart owner/driver, tech man and track official may be present.
     We do not want anyone trying to help with tech. We do not need spectators in tech area. If tech is interrupted  by ANYONE you  will receive 2 warnings and then DQed for the night.
     Please respect our efforts in trying to get this  track going.

4.  Cheating You know the rules for your class.  Lets not make teching and protesting the focus of our track.  Build your motors legal, work and maintain your  karts, come to thursday practice  
     and get faster.  I have one tech person who is volunteering his saturday night, his hour drive, and even sponsoring a class. I think his intentions are fair and honest. I will ask that he be
     respected and his rulings are final.  We will address him teching his own built engines with other qualified people watching until we have another qualified person that is willing
     to perform a tech.   Please  do not break your son or daughters heart and confidence by having them dqed ... they are trusting you~

5.  Pit Etiquette.  Stay in your own pits. Respect others and do not confront, mouth off, or taunt with intentions of confrontation. DO NOT  get caught snooping around others
     karts while they are away from their pits.  Now we all should know the difference between playing and being serious...and there is a difference.  please do not get your feelings
     hurt by a little friendly ribbing.

6. Fighting.  There will ZERO TOLERANCE  here too. Please control yourself, and anyone associated with your kart. If a person from your group is causing trouble... your kart will
     be punished as well.  Remember. there are children here.... and we want them to feel safe and enjoy this karting experience without the drama of fighting and cursing. So, lets either be adults,
     or  act like them on Saturday nights!

7. Kids and Parents.  Please do not disrespect your children by screaming at them and /or officials or other parents. I would like to keep the Little League
    CRAZY PARENT attitudes from our kart racing...You know who  you are Smiley thinking your  kid is the next Tony Stewart  and this is Daytona...  these are just kids..
    wanting to race and have fun...  let's keep it fun for them.    I have had to ask parents to leave the gym while I was coaching basketball for 7 year olds.. because the parents.. did not know  
    how to act.  I hate the crazy baseball moms, and will  not tolerate  crazy karting moms...If your actions are making others uncomfortable, they will be addressed. Please respect everyone while
    at the race track. If you have a problem, please come find me and we will resolve it without a huge scene.

8. TRASH  So far our area has been fairly clean. We have many trash cans available,  continue to find one and use one.

9.  INTERNET BASHING We all know, I have had some rants and battles on forums and different websites over the  years..I know how easy it is to vent and smack talk on here.
    I will only ask that it not be done on our karting forum and the Kart Track facebook for 2 reasons.  A.  Children have access to both of these and I do not want them to learn our parental
    childish ways.  B.  In order to have this track grow, we will need more positives than negatives in the community.  All thoughts and criticism are welcome, and even encouraged... please do so
    with respect.

This is real simple.  
The Kart Track is YOUR home track. We should all act as one big FAMILY as it grows... supporting and helping each other weekly. This will add to the excitement of Saturday Night Battles... and when karters come from out of town... into YOUR HOUSE, the kart  track family  will welcome them... and take care of business on the track.

I have  seen many tracks close down over the years on very stupid reasons. None of which were racing. All attitude and ego. We have 2 directions to go here...  we can make this  the best lil kart track in texas  and grow and give our  kids and adults a fun activity to enjoy with each other, or we we can let the few  people that thrive on conflicts and stirring that ol pot of poo  bring the entire thing to a close.

I know the track has a lot of things to learn and do better... from track preparation,  track improvements, racing procedures... tech procedures... but  please remember, this is OUR  3rd season, I swear it is not easy, actually pretty stressful but very rewarding at the end of the night. I promise to give my best to make this work...I ask the same from everyone else.

I am willing to give way too much time, and too much of the money I do not have to make this track work. I had no idea how  much it does take on a weekly basis to get ready for a thursday practice and a saturday race.  There is a lot of time and money...and right not now the thank you phone calls and the smiling kids are making it worth while. I can only think that I wish I had a place like this to  race when I was  a  kid... with people like Glen Johnson and myself, and my friends who are volunteering to give everyone a chance to race.  
Let's go Racing.     
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