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Author Topic: PREDATOR CARBS OLD vs NEW vs 196 Clones  (Read 356 times)
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« on: February 01, 2013, 04:51:33 am »

Wanted to clear up something about these carbs.

I tried to explain to Danny Youngblood a couple months ago that the Predator Engines I was messing with
came with 3 different types of carbs... from the names to the size.

<I only bring Danny up because  he posted: "You come over my shop and ask me about the predator carb and I explain what the problem is and your answers
  you do not care and your not going to do anything your answer what do you expect for a $100.00.">

What he wanted was for me to bring Ryan's Carb over there so he could look at it... and I wouldn't.  

"They"  were trying to insist that Ryan Landry was cheating with his carb.

There was nothing illegal on Ryan's engine. It was a wore out predator with a lot of laps on it, meaning he practiced there alot and got his kart fast.

Danny has insisted that I was wrong, I showed him that the 2 different carbs... Huayi or  RUI*ING  both came on them and it seemed to depend on which
cam was in the engine and age of engine.
Danny did admit that he did not know the other carb came on the engines, or that he had not seen it <yet> and that he had not seen the different butterflies

Some of the early Predators came with the same size carb as the 196 clone.               .610 to .615 venturi
The Predators with the Metal Cam Gear came with the smaller bore carb  most all are the        .550 venturi


What the post is saying is I will have all the engines sealed, with the carb that comes on them.
You get what you get.  I  think almost all the new engines should have the same bored carb on them.

Like I told Danny, they are only $100.oo engines and there are many inconsistency in these engines.
These are not race engines, and should not even be considered as one.  

I will do my best to keep this class fair and honest...  and when we  catch cheaters, the penalty will be severe.
Two strikes and you are gone for good in this class.


I will have the rules for this class up by Sunday Night,  maybe Monday... since the superbowl is going down!

GO TEXANS !    <ooopps>

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Competitive Karting
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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 01:36:04 pm »

Well if you are going to spread lies I will defend myself. I told you that if you wanted you and Chuck could bring Ryans motor and one of the clones you had bought and we could compare the parts. I was told by somebody that the carb had an air screw adjuster on the side of the carb. That type carb comes on a blue clone I was also told that some of the racers were using the blue clone carb on the predators. You brought 3 carbs to my shop and all three were .610 plus carbs you told me Robert Silk had gave you these to exchange with a Preditor if they had carb problems. I told you that I had only seen the .550 carbs on the Predators. I did not think it was right to let people race with differant bore carbs. I asked you howm many Predators Robert had messed with at this time you told me only one that you knew. I told you maybe he did not realize there were differant carbs they look alike. From the outside they look real close. You did say you were not going to do anything about it I do not agree with that The motors should have the same bore carbs there is a big differance in hp. The motors might have came with other carbs but if your going to be fair they need to all run the same carb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posts: 443

« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2013, 03:40:13 pm »

Not spreading lies, Danny, just pointing out the "other side" to your post.

<and because you were told by "somebody"  that makes it true?>  man you should hear all the "somebodies"
that talk to me... you would  be shocked.

I will not argue with you.   Its obvious, you think you are never wrong. If you would read above and try to remember, you should recall
that we did discuss the different carbs on the engines... and the ones i brought from the predator was NOT all the same. You said
you had not seen these before. you even tried to tell me the predator carb i brought did not come  off a predator.

I also told you we were going to use the stock clone carbs from dover as a raceday replacement for a carb that malfunctioned. Yes, you did
say that those were not the same as "your" predator clone.. but are the same as some  predator clones. I agreed they were not all the same
and this was the best we could do right now... not that there was "nothing I was going to do about it"

Agreed, its not "fair" to have different size carbs, but in a pinch that would be our option, and knowing that all the carbs
are already not the same... it should not be a problem for raceday.

Your information on the predator carbs was incorrect. As  I stated before, and has been noted on Bobs, the earlier Predators had bigger carbs.
Some  Predators even had  bigger carbs  than the 196. no way to police at the time.

remember, these are $100.oo  Engines.  not prepared engines. 

You are acting as if these is some national sanctioned class with perfect rules, remember there were no real rules yet and we are trying to
build this class for fun and beginners. with a lot of bugs to work out.

It would be unethical to bring you, or anyone else Ryan's motor.  Which, was one of the very first clones purchased, if not the first.


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